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Dennis O'Dea

Practice Director

   Dennis O'Dea is a principal of the SFS Law Group. For many years he has identified the practice group he supervised as the Special Financial Services Group. In recent years, the distinct offerings and practice model of the SFS Law Group has made it appropriate to offer the general practice services independently.  The general practice orientation of the Mr. O'Dea's practice addresses many legal needs in which the business and financial orientation of the SFS Law Group practice is not relevant.

   For personal legal needs such as divorce, estate and succession concerns as well as the litigation issues that concern individuals in their private lives, the O'Dea Law Firm service provides the clear focus and attention that clients need. The O'Dea Law Firm practice, however, has its roots in the practice of the special financial services group practice first organized in Chicago. 

   As a business lawyer, Dennis O'Dea has advised and represented businesses and their owners in dealing with the familiar and unfamiliar legal issues that confront businesses and their owners. Companies seeking capital, developing new products and agreements, or trying to manage their internal operations and employees often find legal questions that are not limited a single or even a few areas of law. Clients often seek the assistance of the SFS Law Group in coordinating and identifying those areas that may require special expertise and the need to coordinate the advice and efforts of teams of lawyers and advisors.  Business practice is also an active Business Litigation practice. 

  The SFS Law Group has litigated shareholder conflicts over ownership and control, trade secret enforcement, unfair competition, franchise litigation and many other business disputes.In dealing with the unique issues created by insolvency, Mr. O'Dea has provided insolvency, Bankruptcy and business restructuring advice to clients for more than twenty-five years.  He has developed and refined the Insolvency Response Matrix and the planning tools offered by the SFS Law Group in response to the continuing unmet need for coherent business planning in the face of insolvency risk. The special focus of his legal interests has been identified as the Special Financial Services practice for many years.For the closely held and family owned business, divorce, estate, and family law have become essential practice areas. Property settlements, alimony and support issues often challenge the business owners and partners as well as family members.  The SFS Law Group has represented clients in divorce, custody, separation and property settlement cases and continues to see this practice grow as family businesses confront the need to deal with succession planning. LinkedIn profile




   In many engagements, clients provide their own personnel, including professionals as part of the engagement team.  The cost advantage of utilizing existing personnel and resources can be significant in appropriate cases. Special services such as document management, discovery, electronic discovery compliance, due diligence data storage and collections, and other special tasks can often be provided through existing resources.  For small business enterprises, integrating existing resources into the engagement can result in significant cost savings.