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Welcome to the Dennis O'Dea Law Firm.

Recreating An Old Model To Meet New Times

   The firm was organized in Charlotte in 2006 by Dennis O'Dea to provide legal services to individuals and small businesses.  In recent years, many law firms with diviersified client bases experienced rapid growth, merged into large multi-city for multi-national firms, or narrowed their focus to complex and labor intensive business law practices with the goal of increasing their profits through high hourly rates, large numbers of junior lawyers and paralegals staffing cases, and adopting the high growth models first developed in New York in the 1960's.  As they grew, their overhead costs and budgets resembled the fortune 500 clients they sought to represent. 

   The business model that successful firms adopted resulted in a contraction in the number of clients they served.  Firms who were once the primary lawyers for many families, inviduals and small business simply exited the market and would no longer accept engagemenst that could not generate sufficient billings and revenue to keep pace with the need to support the increasing overhead and operating expenses of their new goals. 

   For clients whose legal needs require experienced and knowledgeable lawyers, but who are not themselves large business organizations, the services of leading lawyers became cost prohibitive and also unavailable as large law firms relied more on junior lawyers to provide services.  The legal services market continued to divide between growth-orented firms demanding high profit margins and large scale engagements and smaller firms offering special expertise at premium rates in such areas as trademark, patents, bankrutpcy, and taxation.  The general practice law firm that provided clients with domestic relations, divorce, small business advice, estate planning, and general litigation was no longer viewed as a desireable business model

   The Dennis O'Dea Law Firm seeks to recreate the general practice law firm that provides advice and counsel to the newly underserved clients whose legal needs had once been the mainstay of lawyers.  Dennis O'Dea spent over 25 years in practice as a partner in Am Law 100 lawfirms in Chicago and New York before deciding to establish an old practice model that took advantage of new technologies that enable experienced lawyers to provide sophisticated services without the weight of the overhead of legacy firms whose cost structures demand ever-increasing growth. 

   The firm offers the sophistication and experience of a large firm with the efficiency and focus of a spcialty firm. 

Dennis O'Dea 122 N. McDowell Street, Charlotte, NC 28204, tel. 704(780-1544); fax (704) 973-9942, dennis.odea@sfslawgroup.com

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